A Day In The Life Of A Third-Year Medical Student (MBBS) 📚👩‍⚕️

Day in the life of mbbs medical student
My pharmacology notes from 2nd year

Hey guys! I’ve always wanted to do this kind of post since first year, but i’m getting to it only now!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Sharon, a third year MBBS student in India who loves a lot of dark chocolate and dancing.

I started this blog, The Med Matter in November 2020 as a platform where I could share my experiences and thus build up a small community of medical professionals to help each other through the phases of medical education.

Now one and a half years forward, I’ve managed to make The Med Matter known to an international audience, all the while focusing on MBBS and medical student life in India.

I try to give practical and helpful information to beginner medicos (as this happens to be the toughest time) and share my experiences as well.

Any way, here goes a day in my life as a medical student in India.

Day in the life of an MBBS student in India

5 am

I get up at 5 am almost everyday.

Some time ago, I realized that if I get up early in the morning, I get the sense that the day feels longer, so been that way ever since.

And it is true!

And then I go brush my teeth and splash some water on my face, and ta-da! I’m officially up!

After brushing my teeth I make a cup of tea or coffee (whichever I prefer) and sit down to study.

I usually study in the morning- especially the hardest readings are done in this time itself.

Now its time for some moves for me!

I either stretch or do some yoga during the early hours if I have enough time.

If it’s a study leave, then I try to do both everyday. If it’s a regular college day, I might not get enough time at all.

7 am

Now it’s time to get ready for college!

We have a uniform in our medical college, so our wardrobe options are not much vast.

We also have rules to wear closed shoes and our hair up, both which I ceremoniously break due to lack of time or demotivation 🥲

But I try to look as presentable as I can; we are medical students, so we have to be aware of appearances.

I also have my breakfast by this time.

Some days during this hour I try to listen to music or read for classes.

8 am

In third year, our clinical postings are from 8 to 12.

Yep, we are using every inch of those 4 hours wisely 😆

I take one case history, do examination, write it up on days when I feel dandy.

If I don’t have a case I usually try to read topics for that posting or something related to it.

Or if both of the above is not the case, we sit around and chat (it’s the last one mostly *wink*)

12 pm

It’s lunch break from 12 to 1.

Although, I have to say that this one hour is not enough of a break some days 🙃

I try to take a nap if I’m feeling very tired during this time.

Or I work on the blog if I feel like doing it.

1 pm

From 1 to 4, we have three hours of lectures. Now this is the most dull, sad part of the day.

I try to listen and take down lecture notes as much as I can, but its too difficult duing the peaks of summer.

Somehow, we live through those 3 hours without any breaks (I want you to hear that, NMC)

Day in the life of mbbs medical student in India

4 pm

Now that the classes are over, it’s tea time at the hostel.

We gather around and chat for sometime and then head back to rooms or go out during this time.

Since we have a curfew at 7 pm (again, NMC, see this?) we have to be quick about our errands.

On days when I’m free and reach my room by this time, I rest for some time.

Then I take a shower, do my laundry (all by my hands), clean the room and try to settle in by 6 pm.

When I’m done with these things, I sit down and study or work on blog.

If I don’t feel like doing either, I scroll through my phone or watch a tv series/ movie or read a book.

And if I’m late for shower, I dance for sometime before taking one.

7. 30 pm

And somehow it’s dinner time.

Dinner is usually over in half an hour (even with all that gossip and chattering lol)

After dinner I do course work, if any.

I check my socials and WordPress, reply any mails and write down plans for the next day.

But it’s always curling on to the bed with some tea or chattering away in a friend’s room until falling asleep.

If I’m still in my room, I go to bed by 10 pm.

And then the next day, this is all over again.

Although this routine seems okay to the eyes, this is mostly not the case.

We are always busy at medical collge. I don’t know how, but on most days we don’t even get any sleep.

I designed a time table for myself so that I’ll get enough sleep of 7 hours, but now it’s mostly 6 or 5 hours.

If it’s an exam season, well, it’s none. No sleep.

What I’m saying is, having a routine and following it is hard. Very hard if you are a medical student.

If you can’t make it work, don’t worry- it’s alright. Most of us aren’t pulling it off either.

But we are trying, and it’s all that matters.

I’m only sharing a day in my medical student life because…

Well, because I wanted to. That’s all.

And if you want any help with having a routine or following it, do give these posts a read:

How does your MBBS life looks like in a day? Do share in the comments below so that we can check it out!

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