How To Create A Balanced Life As A Medical Student

how to build a balanced life as a medical student

I have no idea why in our country excellency is measured only from an academic perspective.

Like if you have a degree in something like medicine you are an excellent person, but if you have serious life skills, then you are just, you know, meh.

Success does not always equate academic proficiency- rather, it depends on the definition that we give to the concept of ‘Success’.THE MED MATTER

So its very usual for us medical students to get caught up in the academic marathon (because medicine is a very difficult and vast subject) and forget to build up a meaning ful life that gives us satisfaction.

It is very important that our lives should be a ‘balanced’ one; we have to learn how to balance profession and life.

Reinvent your hobbies

I was thinking sometime ago, that I’ll definitely become a doctor, and I’ll have a solid job in a couple of years.

And my life will be secure.

Then the next question arises- as a person, apart from having a 9 to 5 job, what am I?

After coming home from work, what else defines me?

That’s when I realized, that I needed something more than a job or a title in life.

You have to ask this same question to yourself- the answer might surprise you.

And that’s when I decided to start a blog, pursue dancing and become a better version of myself.

I agree, you don’t have much time to spare for hobbies – but if you are determined enough, you can pursue your hobbies and habits.

You can read about finding time for your hobbies in this Post.

Get oustide and earn some practical knowledge

how to build a balanced life as a medical student

Oh, I cannot stress this enough.

At the end of the day, practical knowledge is what going to save your asses as human beings.

Learn how to repair devices, to build a garden, fix your car, cook for some fifty people … just get out there whenever you can and learn some new life skill.

These little experiences are what makes life colorful and worth living for.

Have passions in your life

Passion for people, hobbies and life in general.

From what little experience I’ve had in my life, I can say that passion drives you forward even when motivation doesn’t.

Like, whenever I forget something I’ve learnt or mastered, it’s passion for that particular thing that actually makes me start from zero if I had to.

It’s always been that way ever since I remember. Because motivation is subjective and depends on external factors.

So, passion.

Develop some towards various aspects of your life, including your profession.

Create meaningful friendships

They are the true assets in our lives.

And I don’t mean just with your peers-it can be your favourite teacher, or the busboy at the canteen, anyone.

Just be yourself- no pretences, no fake smiles, and you might land good friendships as a student.

Never take The people in your life for granted.

Be kind and helpful.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

how to build a balanced life as a medical student

Staying healthy as a medical student is a die hard.

But you can always try, right?

Set aside some time for yoga, Excercise, meditation and good food.

These can help clear your mind too.

I would be talking about following a healthy lifestyle as a medical student in another post, so stay tuned!

Give love and respect to people, starting with you

Of all, this might be the hardest to follow.

Yes, there will be days when we beat ourselves up for our mistakes- we all tend to do that. Especially in The face of an adversity.

The thing about creating a balanced life is that you might fail to do many things. You can’t have everything, can you?

But then again, you should be able to forgive yourself and move on.

And to forgive, first you must love and respect yourself. Then other people in your life as well.

According to John Green, forgiving is the way out of this labrynth.

And that we had to forgive to survive in the labrynthJOHN GREEN, LOOKING FOR ALASKA

Know when you need help

Asking for help is not a vulnerability.

If you feel like you can stay focused or happy, or if any kind of negative emotion is bothering you- seek help.

Identifying when you need help and asking for it is the wisest thing you can do to help yourself.

Talk to the person you love and trust the most. They might not give you all the answers, but sharing what bothers you can help lessen the burden.

Quit complaining and start accepting

how to build a balanced life as a medical student

Life is going to be so difficult as long as you are going to complain about everything in your life.

Be grateful for The little things in life- Thus you will be able to find true happiness.

We all tend to do this, I’ve observed, including me- but once you realize this habit and kick it in the shins, you’ll realize the little things that you are missing out because you are either complaining or being too proud.

Accept this little life that you have- and once you have accepted it, try improving it by working hard and staying positive. Then this little life might turn out to be something big and beautiful, amigo.

I know that creating a balanced life as a medical student is more than the couple of points I talked about, but nevertheless, this could be a start.

Start with small steps and go up the ladder of creating a better life as a human being.

You might not get to the top, but you definitely will not be staying at the same position that you started with either.

Good luck, bud!

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