The All Round Digital Planner for MBBS Medical Students

When I started out as a medical student, this is what I believed – that I’m a warm, loving person, and medicine suits me like a second skin just because of That.

2 weeks into anatomy, I only wanted to run away into the depths of hell.

What the hell, right?

All the topics and the weight of it were choking me, and I couldn’t stand it.

Only then did I realize that you need to put in a lot of effort to become a doctor along with being a good human.

If you are a medical student you’ll get the drift.

I’m not saying this to discourage anyone, by the way.

I’m just sharing a universal phenomenon among medical students.

It’s just a bit difficult to manage your studies and your life without a proper plan.

So I started thinking about ways to stay organised and productive as a med student at the same time not sacrificing my hobbies or a little me-time.

And that’s how I started outlining a digital planner for medical students inspired from difficulties that I faced.

What is this digital planner?

This is a year around study planner for MBBS students.

I’ve tried to cut out unnecessary spreads and include just the ones we want for our daily lives.

I named it ‘Digital planner for MBBS medical students’ because I couldn’t find one on the internet when I googled for the same.

(There aren’t many planners customised for MBBS students)

What does this planner comes with?

This planner comes with 13 customized pages, including a cover page for name.

It has a very minimalistic theme – I wanted the planner to look clean, so I chose a green-and-blue pallette which is very calming to the eyes.

The pages have a 2 cm border on the left in case you want to print and bind them.

The Digital planner for medical students include:

• Goal planner
• Habit tracker
• Motivation page (track your achievements and steps you took to achieve them)
• Study session planner
• Subject- topics- subtopics planner
• Day planner
• Weekly planner
• Monthly planner
• Year planner
• Brain-dump page
• Shopping lists page
• Expense tracker

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