College Hostel Dorm Room Decor Ideas For Indian College Students

Ever wanted to get a Pinterest-perfect room for yourself even if you are living in a college hostel/ dorm room?

I know I do- so I scooted over to Amazon and rummaged through almost everything to find these things.

They are affordable and cute, so make sure to check them out today itself!

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Hostel/dorm room decor items from Amazon India


These wall decor ideas are minimal and affordable!

They can fill up the empty walls without overcrowding the room.

wal art for hostel decor

String lights

These can bring warmth and comfort to The room without being expensive!

And it goes well along with any season too!

Bed canopy

These are for all The fort-lovers out there!

It gives a cozy vibe on a rainy afternoon or a december morning 😊

bed canopy for decor

Photo collage

Why not turn all of your favourite moments into decorations?

Try out this simple collage to remember all those good memories again !

photo collage on dorm wall


I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for while lace curtains.

Not only are they aesthetic, but also lights up the room instantly.

Make sure to get long ones that touch the floor- they help to pop out the colours of furniture and biring volume to the room.

long white lace curtains


A splash of green can always light up your mood!

Plus growing plants is a good hobby to have.

These cute white little pots can help you get started 🤩

plant vase on a table


Large mirrors are more helpful for small rooms as it can make the room look bigger and brighter.

And its a nice spot to take some aesthetic photos!

Bean bag chair

They are some comfortable additions to your room- can make the room look more relaxing.

Bean bag chairs can be used as a relaxing spot or for a late-night chat session.

bean bag chair for dorm decor

Storage baskets

These storage baskets are not only a decor item, They help you save tons of space as well!

I have there ones in my room, and I ask them for storing stationery items, skincare products and some clothes.

They come in variety of sizes, so you can choon the one according to your need.

storage baskets for dorm decor


Who doesn’t love the calming sounds from a wind-chime?

wind chimes dancing in the evening breeze…

Might bring some tea as well to enjoy it!

These are just some things that I love to include in my room decor to spice it up- there are even more cute items out there, but as I am suggesting these products from Amazon India, I had to make sure their quality, so I’ve picked only the ones that me or my friends have bought.

So that’s it all about hotel/dorm room decor!

See ya! 😉

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