Things To Do When You Are Feeling Burnt Out In Medical College

I’ve just completed my first year in medical college. In just a year, I’ve read huge textbooks, ran around a lot in that white apron, skipped meals, pulled all-nighters…

it’s an ideal place to get burnt out.

There’s no avoiding it.

Therefore we should be prepared for life in medical college. Here are some things to do when you are burnt out in college.

If you are feeling dead tired already, read along. You might find something helpful.

What is burn out?

how to manage burn out as medical students

Well, according to ICD-11 of WHO, Burn-out is ‘a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed ‘.

WHO describes burn out as an occupational phenomenon.

It mainly is characterized by:

  • exhaustion
  • negativity towards your job
  • reduced effficacy

The symptoms and more details are in this post, if you want to know more about burnout and it’s prevention.

Things to do when you are feeling burnt out in college:

Take a break from the books

No.1 thing to do is to close your books.

You’ve been reading a lot, finishing up all those record works, making notes for that boring topic… stop.

Get up from your chair, clear your table or wherever you are studying, and stretch your body.

Take some deep breaths. Wash your face and drink some water.

Make something to drink

Whenever I feel tired, I make some tea (and not coffee) and go someplace soothing to take some warm sips.

Try to move as far as you can from your working space.

If you are not a fan of hot beverages, go for other healthy options like fresh juice or smoothies. Try to avoid sweetened, carbonated drinks.


Studies show that getting your heart pumped up can help you beat burn out and mental negativity in general.

Excerrcise is also a mood-elevator, so it is advised to do it daily.

A walk or run for 10 minutes is said to boost your mood for the next 2 hours.

Put digital distractions away

When you are burnt out, this is the last thing you need.

All that screen time is draining you, friend. Because it takes away most of your time, you will be forced to sacrifice your sleep or mealtime to catch up.

So, switch off your gadgets and put them away out of reach. Try to relax.

Unleash the inner you

You’ve worked hard to reach medical college. I am so proud of you for making it till here.

That makes me ask a relevant question: what were you before becoming a medico? Studying medicine doesn’t mean that the only title you can have is of a doctor. Do you sing? Or paint? Dance? Or do all of these and much more?

If so, do whatever makes you happy. Is it photography? Poetry? Don’t care about what others will think of you. Just do your thing—no one’s judging.

Read a book

Classics, travel, fiction… these are my favorites.

Read a good book that can cheer you up, even if it is that magazine for children which you loved as a kid. A few pages are enough.

Feel the paper between your fingers. Breathe in the smell of old ink and paper. Smile. It’s the best way to fight burnt-out feelings.

Plan ahead

These are the best times to plan for the next day or next week in advance. It will help you manage time effectively. 

Don’t forget to add fun things too- you’ll feel refreshed after that trip with friends or the visit to the park. Make sure you list all assignments and topics to study.

Take a nap

Short periods of sleep is said to boost productivity. Thirty minutes to one hour would be great. But a nap longer than that could drain you. It can do harm instead of help. So, make it short.

Put on some relaxing music if you want. Drink plain water when you wake up.

Chat with some friends

Ask how they are doing. Hear them out. Share what you feel. It’s a great way to connect with your friends.

Be sure that it won’t go on for hours and hours.

You had better have a calming, happy conversation. Don’t try to force it. Let the thoughts flow naturally.

Keep a journal

what to do when you are burnt out in medical college

It’s a constructive way to look back on things in your life. Use any available notebook to record your thoughts.

A journal doesn’t have to be high-end or aesthetically pleasing. It only has to serve its purpose.

Make journaling a habit. It will definitely improve your life, and help you to look at things positively.

Thus it can help you fix the burn out.

I hope some of these helped you relax and boost your energy. Keep your calm, be thankful for the little things in your life, and move forward. Make sure to take a break anytime you are feeling burnt out.

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