How To Make A Study Space For Yourself As A Student

As a student, I’ve found it difficult to find the perfect study space that suited me.

I’ve never given it much of a thought when I was a kid, but right now, as a medical student, I must say that my study space affects my productivity, mental wellbeing as well as as my physical health.

How to make a study space as a student

Making a learning area for yourself is another way of investing in studies more- and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.

So, we’re here to build up the perfect study space (that can also save your back and eyes lol) to keep you motivated!

How to create a study space for better productivity

Choose your place

Find an area first.

It can be your bedroom, or a study if you have one, or a nook in your living room or balcony.

Wherever you are comfortable.

But make sure it has a roof (since I mentioned balcony), enough natural light and ventilation.

But not too much.

You also might want to choose a place with minimal noise, but if you prefer some white nose in the background, that’s okay too.

I personally like my place to be by the window, because it calms me a lot.

You must check if your place of choice has these necessary things with it:

  • wall color that won’t hurt your eyes
  • windows and blinds
  • doors with locks (if you live independantly)
  • plug outlets within a reasonable distance

Make sure you have all the necessary study supplies

The first thing you want is a proper study desk.

Buy it or have it made custom.

Assimilate all your study supplies- notebooks, textbooks, stationery, devices, headphones, lamp, and so on.

You have to keep the desk space maximum clutter free, so rank down your items and keep the most useful items only inside your study space.

A lot of items inside this space might overwhelm you.

Always remember, less is more.

tips on how to make a study space as a student

Organize your study space wisely

The most used things must be at your arms length.

The least used can be stored in the shelf or drawers, as you see fit.

I’d say not to overstuff your study space, and I not only mean your desk by that.

The whole space around your work-area comes under the said learning space- so avoiding a lot of visual clutter is essential in this area too.

Keeping your desk clean and tidy can help you focus more and gives you room to be at ease.

Give your study space some character

Now that your space is decided and things organized, now its time to give the space some character.

I must remind you not to go overboard with the “giving character” part.

You can add posters, quotes, paintings or your own artwork on the walls or desk.

Your own creations can give you a sense of content and can help with motivation.

You can even try out some plants or anything that resonates with your character, even if that is some old plaything your mother gave you for your 6th birthday.

But don’t overdo it; you have to be able to breathe freely and have space to work in.

Spend time in your study space every day

If it’s only 5 minutes, that’s okay.

And it doesn’t have to be solely studying, either.

Draw, paint or read or do anything in your study space everyday.

tips to create a study space for yourself

Doing this is an essential step towards getting used to the place and making studying a habit rather than a chore.

Just spend some time every day and find out if there’s anything to improve.

Pro tip: choose more than a single study space

Yes, you should have more than a single study space.

We are all humans- we might get bored with the same place.

So pick and choose maximum 2 more spaces for you and alternate between them.

That way you’ll stay out of boredom and will be more productive than ever!

Being productive is a habit that can be built.

Having a great study space is one of the things that can help you achieve it.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be filled with expensive stuff and look aesthetic or anything- what you have is enough and try to grow with what you have.

Have a great day, amigo!

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